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Exclusive Collection on Hedera

Wafu is all Exclusive, original, high quality, detailed, copyrighted Anime and the first of its kind on the Hedera network! Spearheaded by an experienced team from projects such as NFTs, Wallets and Marketplaces. Wafu has exciting plans including but not limited to utility, plans for a game and exciting randomness with +50 unique designs in our first drop!

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What is WAFU?

WAFU is a collection of 50 polished Waifu Designs. 
Those collectibles will be the very first step of an ambitious and challenging project including a game, a NFT marketplace and a utility token.

WAFU is a NFT collection, and ultimately down the road a game at its core. We have WAFU token which will be used on our site in the future to participate as a currency for a game we want to build, all on Hedera. Down the road we want to use original waifu characters in a game. We also have planned 'staking' for WAFU with a coin called SAFU planned as well this will offer another route for people to participate and grow within the ecosphere. WAFU will be a minting platform specifically geared towards the anime crowd with robust features.

This ambitious project will be possible with the help and support of the wonderful Hedera community.

We will have to unite a team of developers and artists to achieve our vision. Our team has planned to drop a # of series featuring characters in our game as collectibles on Hedera marketplaces for those interested to enjoy and take their first step into WAFU’s future.

The Collection

50 Artworks
Some rare, some ultra rare.

Minted on Hedera Token Service.

Launchpad platform is to be announced.

Mint price is to be announced.

roadmap and


50 high quality polished designs land on Hedera.

NFT Giveaway for Genesis WAFU NFT Holders .

Cross collections Art collaborations, partnerships, discount and exclusive advantages for holders.

New set of Artworks launched and released for further funding & Developments.

A game development is started.

Work on tokenomics for a WAFU token.

Gen 3 release to fund LP pool for tokens.

Work on a platform for anime creators and artists, NFT enthusiasts.

Playable Game for our WAFU world.

Working on more mechanism to reward holders of WAFU NFT/Tokens.



My name is Jacob Williams aka Pillow on twitter. I have been an avid anime fan since I was in third grade. I have been in the Crypto and NFT space for over a year now. As both an Artist and Collector. I initiated the Wafu collection in 2021.


Peter has been in the Hedera space for quite some time from being the former co-founder and CMO of the first NFT Marketplace on Hedera, Founder of Hbar News and being an advisor on many projects. Peter brings experience and know how to make a project succeed in this space.

You are an artist in love with anime?
a talented developer looking to overcome challenges?

Contact us if you would like to join our team in these exciting times.

Do not forget to join our Discord and to follow us on Twitter.

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